to burrard place.

Spanning a full city block and incorporating the most luxurious high-rise buildings in the city, Burrard Place is redefining what it means to live in the heart of one of the most desirable cities in the world. 


EXPERIENCE THE BEST of the downtown lifestyle, the finest in modern design and the highest level of amenities in Vancouver.


Welcome to euroluxe living. inspired by the leading cosmopolitan design trends of london, berlin, and barcelona, every luxurious fixture, finish, and detail is designed to elevate the aesthetic – and your very way of being.

TRADING SPACE FOR PLACE. All homes have impeccable finishes thoughtfully crafted into our innovative living spaces.

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OVER 30,000 SF OF LUXURIOUS AMENITIES. The most extensive amenities in the city combined with the unmatched attentions of the Star Services team. This is luxury Burrard Place living.


SERENITY IN THE CITY. Starting your day with an early morning run along the sea wall. Experiencing a moment of stillness in the heart of the city, or in the lush forests of Stanley Park. Strolling to work via your favourite local coffee shop, and home again stopping for your favourite aperitif. This is what it means to live in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Burrard Place.



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ONE CITY BLOCK. TWO LEADING DEVELOPERS. Three exclusive towers. The partnership of two of BC’s leading developers, Jim Pattison Developments and Reliance Properties, brings an unrivalled commitment to redefining city living, built on unmatched creativity, expertise and vision.